Wood splitter trailer 25 km/h


Wood splitters with petrol engine and wood splitters trailer 25 km/h

Independent and mobile! The sturdy HMG wood splitter trailers bis 25 km / h with drawbar eye or ball coupling enables effortless and rapid transport of HMG-log splitter, whether with tractor or car. A simple mechanical swivel device -without expensive Hydraulikanlage- brings the device within a short time in the working position. The powerful energy-saving gasoline engines or diesel engines provide power independent columns, no matter where. On public roads the trailer Log splitter to tractors must with suitable brake system up to 25km / h could be achieved even without approval. The transport car behind is Betriebserlaubis up. 25 km / h possible under certain conditions! The wood chippers are available with 10t, 13t or 16t splitting power. A functional two-hand control system allows effortless holding and centering of meters of timber or cut timber, whether crumb, thick, knotty or thin logs, also sliding technique is possible. The standard timber discard bracket catch the split wood, they also serve to store pieces of wood for further fissions. 2 gap speeds, brass, return filtration, using quality components, wheels, three-point linkage, cylinder fast lock, adjustable stroke limitation u.v.m. are standard. The drive motor is of various well-known manufacturers (for example, Honda, Hatz, Briggs & Stratton) selectable.



Please pay extra for new model!

  • Trailers from robust welded rectangular steel frame
  • Simple mechanical maintenance-free swivel device
  • pivotally splitter without attachment to a towing vehicle
  • Mounting accessories at any time (for example, log lifter)
  • Powerful petrol engine
  • Trailer wheel and lights (7 pin) standard
  • Heavy construction of the log splitter and wood splitters trailer
  • 2 splitting speeds
  • Specially designed splitting knife for more splitting performance
  • Brass sliding between splitting blade and guide plate
  • recessed oil tank in the base plate and welded
  • Cylinder can be lowered with quick release
  • Wood depositing bracket with bracket for transport
  • Oil sight glass on the oil tank
  • Clean filtration through return filter
  • Fast oil filter change
  • Oil drain valve for quick hydraulic oil change
  • Bellhousing with clutch between the engine and hydraulic pump
  • Continuous Stroke rod for log length adjustment
  • Two-hand operation with a mobile two-hand control to fix the gap material from above, thereby centering in the desired position possible, whether Knotty or thin wood
  • Portable two-hand control easy to use due to wear free ball bearing guide and with metal spikes to secure the log. Moreover Spaltgut can still be moved by sliding technology before an cleavage
  • Additional drive system (electric motor) can be retrofitted

The magazine “MOTOR & MASCHINE” in its issue 3/2016 tested a HMG wood splitter HSP 18ML-DZ and “very good” the device as a “master class” with a grade of 1.3. An excerpt of the judgment: “… makes working with the HMG 18 tonnes log splitter only fun. The device works like the proverbial clockwork. The question of more power comes on at any time – on the contrary pleased about ….. “


In the Magazine 06/2014 “Heimwerker Praxis” of HMG wood splitters HSP 10M-DZ was honored as “top class”!


The Magazine “Heimwerker Praxis” has the HMG wood splitter HSP 10M-DZ recognized as the best product in the category “Wood Splitters”!

Cylinder reduction, within a few seconds. Transport height only 175 cm
ZHW16_15 Knotty, crooked, thick or thin wood, each can easily be held and fixed by the left movable two-hand control from above
ZHW16_16 Fixing rings enable fast and easy setting of the height or depth limitation of the splitting blade
Wood splitter type HSP 10M-BA25 HSP 13M-BA25 HSP 16M-BA25 HSP 20M-BA25
Petrol engine B&S kw 7,1 10,3 10,3 10,3
Splitting power t 10 13 16 20
Log length mm 1110 1110 1110 1110
Splitting stroke mm 1000 1000 1000 1000
Stage 1 cm/s. 13 12 10 9
Stage 2 cm/s. 33 30 28 26
Return speed. cm/s. 22 19 16 14
Measuring transport (WxHxD) 1350x1800x2560 1350x1800x2560 1350x1800x2560 1350x1800x2560
Measurement working position (WxHxD) 1350x2600x2710 1350x2600x2710 1350x2600x2710 1350x2600x2710
Weight kg 364 399 414 490
Art.-No. H 70681 H 70682 H 70683 H 70684
Surcharge Texas Diesel engine 6.6 kw 4-stroke instead of B&S 10,3kw
710606 710606 710606 710606
Surcharge E-starter for diesel engine with battery in battery box ready wired 710607 710607 710607 710607
Approval to 25 km / h TÜV-approval
and approval car
710602 710602 710602 710602

Also available in combination with an electric motor or PTO, see accessories Wood splitters “Kits”!

ZB_HSP-Sicherh_165 HMG machines are designed and manufactured according to principles valid machine guidelines. each machine a functional check is subjected to prior to delivery.