Titling table saws E-Motor direct


Tilting table saws directly driven

The tilting circular saws with direct drive represent the start into the HMG quality sawing program. Not only being made of durable and solid processing, but also by a high safety standard assures first class quality.



Extendable transport bar and large wheels as standard on all HMG-saws
Retractable Extension of tilting mechanism with integrated Wippanschlag standard
Table hoods automatically adjust to the supplied wood. Manually adjustable hoods not permitted!
  • Robust , welded box section frame
  • Large saw table 1300 × 850 mm
  • Adjustable aluminum stop for narrow and thick wood
  • Blade guard ” table ” according to the latest standard , to the supplied timber automatically adjusts
  • Turning of the bench on seesaw operation within a few seconds
  • Width rocker with exchangeable and galvanized sheet metal rocker
  • Smooth rocker with stop absorber
  • Sliding Extension of tilting mechanism with integrated Wippanschlag
  • Large and wide transport wheels with extendable rod Transport
  • Fast blade change by locking pin and swivel guard
  • Detachable Chip ejection grid for fast removal of wood residues
  • Powerful motor in cast iron housings with reinforced footbase
  • Switch – plug combination with enhanced brake electronics , motor protection and phase inverter
Rocker table circular saw type WTS 7-4 WTS 7-5 WTS 7-7
E-Motor kw 400 Volt S6 CEE 16A 5,5 7,5 10
Number of revolutions rpm. 1450 1450 1450
Cutting depth rocker mm 260 260 260
Saw blade mm 700/30 700/30 700/30
Table size mm 1300×850 1300×850 1300×850
Table height mm 900 900 900
Cutting height mm 210 210 210
Weight kg 170 176 183
Purchase number with 700 chrome-plated steel KV, Z56 S 68201 S 68204 S 68212
Purchase number with 700 carbide LFZ, Z42 S 68527 S 68528 S 68530
Purchase number with 700 carbide SWZ, Z84 S 68202 S 68205 S 68213
Surcharge for cutting protection and table extension according to the new standard EN 1870-6 (+ 41kg) 619 907 619 907 619 907
ZB100_WSK-Heimw_16 The Magazine “Heimwerker Praxis” has awarded in its issue 6/2015 Machine HMG Circular Saws WSK 7-5 a grade of 1,4!
ZBK_14 HMG machines are designed and manufactured according to principles valid machine guidelines. each machine a functional check is subjected to prior to delivery.

Boaters are to be audited, so HMG circular saws by the laboratory PZ.LSV from D-34131 Kassel are checked. A valid type certificate is in any manual of the machine!