Tilting saw WE E-Motor direct

Tilting saws WE directly driven

Convenient production with simple all-steel construction – protective device for more safety, according to the new standard DIN EN 1870-6 – ergonomically arranged rocker, for easy operation – wide and large transport wheels with extendable transport rod as standard – drive directly via electric motor, optionally with 5,5 kw or 7,5 kw.

  • 1450 rpm electric motor direct drive
  • Cut depth approx. 240 mm
  • Saw blade 700 mm, bore 30 mm
  • Dimension (LxWxH) 1300x840x1130 mm
  • square bar steel tubing framework
  • Width rocker with exchangeable and galvanized sheet metal rocker
  • Easy moving rocker with stop absorber
  • Switch plug combination with enhanced brake power electronics, motor protection and phase inverter
  • Easier and faster saw blade changes due to lock bolts and swiveling saw blade protection
  • Detachable Chip ejection grid for fast removal of wood and bark residues
  • Saw table and drive systems (for example, PTO connection) can be retrofitted
ZB100_WSK-Heimw_16 The Magazine “Heimwerker Praxis” has awarded in its issue 6/2015 Machine HMG Circular Saws WSK 7-5 a grade of 1,4!
ZBK_12 Extendable transport bar and large wheels as standard on all HMG-saws.
ZBK_13 Retractable Extension of tilting mechanism with integrated tilt stop as standard

611 230

Rocker circular saw type WE 7-6 WE 7-8
E-Motor kw 400 Volt S6 CEE 16A 5,5 7,5
Number of revolutions rpm. 1450 1450
Cutting depth rocker ca. mm 240 240
Saw blade mm 700/30 700/30
Weight kg 125 131
Purchase number with 700 chrome-plated steel KV, Z56 611 220 611 230
Purchase number with 700 carbide LFZ, Z42 611 221 611 231
Purchase number with 700 carbide SWZ, Z84 611 222 611 232
ZBK_14 HMG machines are designed and manufactured according to principles valid machine guidelines. each machine a functional check is subjected to prior to delivery.

Boaters are to be audited, so HMG circular saws by the laboratory PZ.LSV from D-34131 Kassel are checked. A valid type certificate is in any manual of the machine!