Tilting saw PTO direct


Tilting saw with PTO connection direct drive

The power-takeoff circular saw with angle transmission is simply built and solidly finished. The diagonally arranged transmission lets the drive shaft bend only slightly and provides a smooth running machine. An overload clutch protects the durable grey cast iron transmission from damage. The machine, like all other devices made by HMG, is checked and tested before distribution!



  • Welded square bar steel tubing framework
  • Sturdy grey cast iron transmission
  • Overload clutch for protection of the transmission
  • Easy moving rocker with stop absorber
  • Easier and faster saw blade changes due to lock bolts and swiveling saw blade protection
  • Three-point hitch for KAT 1 and KAT 2
  • Detachable Chip ejection grid for fast removal of wood residues
  • Drive systems (for example, E-motor) can be retrofitted
ZB100_WSK-Heimw_16 The Magazine “Heimwerker Praxis” has awarded in its issue 6/2015 Machine HMG Circular Saws WSK 7-5 a grade of 1,4!
Extendable transport bar and large wheels as standard on all HMG-saws
Retractable Extension of tilting mechanism with integrated Wippanschlag standard

Three-point linkage as standard
Tilting circular saw type WS 7-Z
PTO connection yes
Number of revolutions with 540 rpm. 1485
Cutting depth rocker mm 260
Saw blade mm 700/30
Weight kg 114
Purchase number with 700 chrome-plated steel KV, Z56 S 68116
Purchase number with 700 carbide LFZ, Z42 S 68523
Purchase number with 700 carbide SWZ, Z84 S 68117
HMG machines are designed and manufactured according to principles valid machine guidelines. each machine a functional check is subjected to prior to delivery.

Boaters are to be audited, so HMG circular saws by the laboratory PZ.LSV from D-34131 Kassel are checked. A valid type certificate is in any manual of the machine!