Titling saws E-Motor-PTO (-ZA)


Tilting saws with automatic power drive off switch

According to the newest EU machinery standards all PTO circular saws with table have to be equipped with an emergency stop function during operation for security reasons. The HMG circular saw has an easy and robust power-off mechanic and therefore fulfills the EU requirements. The sturdy and durable basic frame from square bar steel is appropriate for hard continuous use. The drive, which is connected through a V-belt shaft and therefore is even safer, can be run through 2 different PTO connections or, if you have a combined machine, be driven by electric motor. An electric motor can be retrofitted at a later time. Transport unit with big wheels as well as extendable transport bar and three point hitch for KAT 1 and 2 are standard! The table on combined rocker-table circular saw can be changed from rocker to table set up within seconds and can be retrofitted on the rocker saws.



Please pay extra for the new model device!

  • Welded square bar steel tubing framework
  • Long bearing and closed belt shaft
  • Higher speed saw blade by gearing
  • Width rocker with galvanized sheet metal rocker
  • Sliding Extension of tilting mechanism (also tilt stop)
  • Large and wide transport wheels with transport bar
  • Detachable Chip ejection grid for fast removal of wood and bark residues
  • Fast belt change
  • Easy moving rocker with stop absorber
  • Easier and faster saw blade changes due to lock bolts and swiveling saw blade protection
  • 2 x 13 mm of drive belts for optimal power transmission
  • Powerful motor in gray cast iron (electric motor)
  • Switch-plug combination with enhanced brake electronics, motor protection and phase inverter (electric motor)
  • Three-point hitch for KAT1 and KAT2
  • Simple safety device prevents simultaneous use of both propulsion systems
  • Stable PTO with connection options from behind or from the side
  • Adjustable lower link bracket
  • Optional attachment of circular saw on the lower links of the tractor when using the lateral PTO connection
  • Drive systems (for example, E-motor) can be retrofitted
The Magazine “Heimwerker Praxis” has awarded in its issue 6/2015 Machine HMG Circular Saws WSK 7-5 a grade of 1,4!
Extendable transport bar and large wheels as standard on all HMG-saws
Retractable Extension of tilting mechanism with integrated Wippanschlag standard
Robust bevel gear with 2 PTO connections and three-point hitch for KAT I and KAT II standard
Simple and stable PTO shaft shutdown mechanism V-belt tensioner, any connected or switched off
Tilting circular saw type WSK 7-ZA WSK 7-5ZA WSK 7-7ZA
E-Motor kw 400 Volt S6 CEE 16A – – – 7,5 10
PTO connection yes yes yes
Number of revolutions electrical motor rpm. – – – 1680 1680
Number of revolutions PTO with 540 rpm. 1512 1512 1512
Cutting depth rocker mm 280 280 280
Saw blade mm 700/30 700/30 700/30
Weight kg 170 206 217
Purchase number with 700 chrome-plated steel KV, Z56 S 68330 S 68337 S 68344
Purchase number with 700 carbide LFZ, Z42 S 68331 S 68338 S 68345
Purchase number with 700 carbide SWZ, Z84 S 68332 S 68339 S 68346
Surcharge for protective device and PTO shut-off device according to the new standard EN 1870-6 (+ 29kg) 619 908 619 908 619 908
HMG machines are designed and manufactured according to principles valid machine guidelines. each machine a functional check is subjected to prior to delivery.

Boaters are to be audited, so HMG circular saws by the laboratory PZ.LSV from D-34131 Kassel are checked. A valid type certificate is in any manual of the machine!