At national and international exhibitions we present our products and novelties.
Please note that due to Corona, extremely high demand and delivery bottlenecks, we are currently only participating in a few events! We ask for your understanding.

In D-87463 Dietmannsried, Agrar Schau Allgäu 07.04. – 11.04.2022, outdoor area B515 Fa. Kögl
Large agricultural exhibition with festival in Dietmannsried in the Oberallgäu. Regional and international exhibitors are waiting for you on more than 7 hectares.

In D-77656 Offenburg, Forst Live 29.04. – 01.05.2022, outdoor area. International demo show for forestry technology, renewable energies and outdoor in the southwest of Germany.

In D-94086 Karpfham, Rottal-Schau 02.09. – 06.09.2022, outdoor area block G. The Rottalschau takes place at the same time as the Karpfhamer Fest from Friday to Tuesday.
While the name suggests a local exhibition, the Rottalschau has meanwhile developed into one of the most important agricultural technology trade fairs in Germany.