Accessories bundle device

ZSMW16_Vorr_670525 Nylon ribbon unwinding of HMG billets Bundling Device BG 100. Order no. 670525
 ZSMW16_Stahlb_670510 Steel band wagon for HMG bunch gets BG 100, with holding device for transporting the BG 100, for steel sheet roll (13, 16, 19 mm) to 26 kg. Order no. 670510
 ZSMW16_Spanng_670515 Tensioning and locking device V19 for sealless steel strip (13, 16, 19 mm) to 0.63 mm thickness. Order no. 670515
 ZSMW16_Stahlb_670520 Steel tape reel “Mega” 19 x 0.50 mm, blued version, deburred edges, slightly waxed, elongation 6%, 850 N / mm, Weight per roll 25 kg. Order no. 670520
 ZSMW16_Spanng_670550 Tensioning device for textile band 10-19 mm, made of cast steel in solid design. Order no. 670 550
 ZSMW16_Abroll_670555 Textile tape dispenser in a stable design with guiding side windows and mailboxes. Order no. 670555
 ZSMW16_Text_670560 Textile tape roll 19 mm with 750 kg tensile force, 500m per roll. Order no. 670560
 ZSMW16_Metall_670570 Metal brackets galvanized for 19 mm textile bandwidth 1000 pieces. Order no. 670570