Questions for HMG saw

When electrical problems the user should try a new cable and a new outlet to 90% supply is defective (extension cords or fuses at the house)! let Please check by an expert!


problem reason measure
How do I find the product number and serial number? The device has an aluminum nameplate is riveted outside Type-specific data can be taken from the nameplate
Extension cord 4 or 5 wire Extension Cable extends with 4 wheels 5 cores need not be as 400V coil and no 230V is used
My electric motor does not start or can not be turned on or makes strange noises For 95% of cases is always a broken supply line defective for machine Try a new cable and connect it to another outlet
Backup is turning off

a. How many backups from falling? Falling 2 backups, then switch (semiconductor) defective

b. Potionsmeter at switches in wrong

a. Replace switch

b. (Make only slight rotary motion!) Solve rubber stopper outside of the housing and re-adjust with screwdriver Potionsmeter

Green button does not stop

a. Wrong connection black wire

b. Thermo contact faulty


a. conductors replace the cable

b. Switch exchange (bridging to test possible both on black!)

FI fuse goes

a. Moisture in the switch or motor

b. Internal fault current

c. defective line

d. motor winding damage

e. motor connected correctly

checked by a qualified electrician
Electric motor does not start or humming

a. Wrong connection

b. fall fuses

c. Motor protection responds

d. Motor hums (400V Connection)

e. Motor hums (230V Connection) button (black or red) outside of the switch box for Resat press (only 230 volt units)

a. checked lead by an expert

b. Lead hedged too weak, possibly use larger fuses and stronger lead

c. Lead to weak

d. connected only 2 phases check supply

e. key (black or red) button press outside of the switch box for Resat

Electric motor running in the wrong direction (400V Connection)


contact phase in the switch Turn on the machine socket 2 pole plug with a screwdriver 180 (in front of the rotational movement the slot lightly press)
Electric motor switches off suddenly during operation

a. motor protection responds

b. interrupted mains voltage

a. Allow the engine to cool, and check supply line, possibly missing a phase

b. check the cables

Switch does not work

a. Wrong connection

b. fall fuses

c. motor hums

d. Motor very hot

a. checked lead by an expert

b. Lead hedged too weak, possibly use larger fuses and stronger lead

c. connected only 2 phases, checked lead

d. overload protection has triggered, let the motor cool down

When plugging the power supply line, the line fuse trips

a. Wrong connection (phase and neutral reversed)b. Power semiconductor failure:

c. faulty power line

a. Check the connection and switch one on security grounds for review

b. Sent a switch for safety reasons to check and repair

c. check cable

The electronic brake no longer switch off (hums continuously) Component failure on the electric brake Pull out the plug, so that the engine does not overheat. Switch for repair
No braking function

a. Faulty fuse on the brake circuit board of the switch.

b. Failure of the electronic brake

c. Potionsmeter not set

a. Replace the fuse

b. Switch for repair

c. (Make only slight rotary motion!) Solve rubber stopper outside of the housing and re-adjust with screwdriver Potionsmeter

After turning the flywheel is too fast or not braked within 10 sec.: Setting the potentiometer wrong Potentiometer with a screwdriver adjust (dial with slot sits next to the A-blanking under a rubber stopper), to the braking action and time is optimal. Do not exceed the maximum braking power
After switching off the engine for about 10-15 hums sec. When you turn on the table saw is the electronic brake for about 10 to max. activated 15 sec. and then off again. This is a normal operating condition and is caused by the electronic brake
Poor cutting performance

a. the direction of rotation of the saw blade wrong

b. Belt loose or worn

c. Blade is blunt

d. Sawblade insufficient side set

e. Blade is on the drive shaft easy

f. Has blade with resin

a. contact phase

b. tighten or replace belt

c. can sharpen the saw blade

d. checked blade of specialist

e. retighten screw flange

f. Circular saw blade with deresination product clean (for example, cellulose thinner)

Wood turns or can not be properly cut PTO speed too low Increase gas on the tractor, required speeds are indicated on the machine (various tractors achieve the required PTO speed of 540 rev / min only at full throttle! Check PTO speed of the tractor!
Damaged blade


broken teeth or side impact


Improper use (for example, bent timber inserted incorrectly)
no solution found contact workshop Turn to retailer or HMG