Titling table saws e-motor WTSK 7

faster cutting with a higher saw blade speed


With the combined HMG circular table saw from the WTSK 7 series, firewood can be processed in the rocker and wooden boards or pallets on the large saw table. The changeover from rocker to table operation works quickly. The integrated V-belt drive system is translated in such a way that a high saw blade speed is achieved for quick and easy cutting. Thanks to the welded square steel tube frame, it achieves the highest level of stability. The cutting protection device can be opened wide for convenient operation. The system protected by a utility model (DE 20 2020 100 105.1) also has a very large opening of the rocker, which enables light wood fitting. The rocker is ergonomically designed and easy to operate thanks to integrated tension springs. An extendable transport bar and two large wheels enable easy transport. Subsequent retrofitting of components is possible at any time.

Rocking operation:

  • More work safety through V-belt drive
  • Large opening of the feeding device (rocker)
  • Powerful electric motor in a stable cast iron housing with reinforced base
  • Switch-plug combination with reinforced brake electronics, motor protection and phase inverter
  • High cutting depth of 28 cm thanks to a large saw blade with a diameter of 70 cm (30 mm hole)
  • Easy transport thanks to large wheels and a robust, extendable transport handle
  • Slidable rocker extension with section holding device
  • Wide rocker with internal galvanized rocker plate
  • Smooth rocker thanks to strong tension springs and shock absorbers
  • Individually adjustable rocker handle
  • Removable chip ejection grid for quick removal of wood and bark residues

Table operation:

  • Large saw table 130×85 cm
  • Foldable table extension 70×40 cm
  • High cutting height of 21 cm
  • Longitudinal and transverse stop
  • Rapid changeover from rocker to table operation
  • A robust square steel tube construction ensures maximum stability. The welded frame is torsion-resistant and withstands the large cutting loads better than a sheet metal construction. A high-quality powder coating protects against rust.
  • The cutting protection device can be opened wide for convenient operation. The system protected by a utility model (DE 20 2020 100 105.1) also has a very large opening for the wooden support device (rocker), which enables light wood assembly.
  • A circular saw driven by a V-belt has a better cutting performance because the gear ratio used results in a higher saw blade speed. In addition, work safety is increased if the V-belts can slip when blocked. The V-belt shaft is equipped with two self-lubricating industrial ball bearings and has a long bearing, which withstands the loads better than a short shaft. The V-belts are arranged on the outside, so a quick V-belt change can be carried out and the saw shaft does not have to be laboriously dismantled.
  • The rocker is designed ergonomically and smoothly and is easy to operate thanks to integrated tension springs. Galvanized exchangeable sheets protect the support device from wear.
  • The saw blade protection hood can be swiveled backwards in just a few simple steps, thus enabling the saw blade to be changed very quickly without having to laboriously dismantle the circular saw. The tool for changing the saw blade is securely attached to the machine for transport.
  • An extension that can be pulled out up to 50cm is ideal so that the cut wood does not fall on the floor and at the same time serves to determine the desired section length.


Large rocker opening

Quick saw blade change

Extendable extension

Removable grille

Big wheels

Stable transport handle



Titling table saws type WTSK 7-8 WTSK 7-10
E-Motor kw (400 Volt S6 CEE 16A) 7,5 10
Number of revolutions rpm. 1680 1680
Cutting depth rocker ca. cm 28 28
Cutting height table cm 21 21
Saw blade cm 70/3 70/3
Table size cm (L×W) 130×85 130×85
Weight kg 234 244
Dimension cm (l×w×h) 141×94×142 141×94×142
Purchase number with chrome-plated steel KV, teeth 56 631 260 631 270
Purchase number with carbide LFZ, teeth 42 631 261* 631 271
Purchase number with carbide SWZ, teeth 84 631 262 631 272

* Bestseller

In its 5/2020 issue, the magazine “Heimwerker Praxis” rated an HMG WE 7-8 tilting circular saw as “upper class” and with a grade of 1.4. An excerpt from the assessment: “… a great machine with a very high safety factor that makes making firewood a fun factor. Every euro is well spent here …”


HMG machines are designed and manufactured according to principles valid machine guidelines. each machine a functional check is subjected to prior to delivery.

Boaters are to be audited, so HMG circular saws by the laboratory are checked. A valid type certificate is in any manual of the machine!