Wood splitters 11t 111cm

the inexpensive entry-level model for meter wood

The HMG log splitter from the HSP 11M series is the ideal entry-level model for processing logs up to 111cm in length. A solid splitting force of 11t also shreds harder pieces of wood if they are split from the outside. The robust and welded construction ensures maximum stability. An effective and easy-to-use two-hand control enables simultaneous HOLDING and SPLITTING without having to fix the wood separately.

  • Solid construction
  • Robust log lifter
  • Stable wooden stirrup
  • 2 splitting speeds
  • Automatic return stroke (does not have to be initiated separately!)
  • Infinitely variable stroke limitation for forward and reverse
  • Specially shaped splitting knife made of Hardox steel
  • Brass slide guide (no plastic)
  • Easier transport thanks to the lowerable cylinder (with quick release)
  • Three-point suspension for CAT I and II (also for purely electrically driven log splitters)
  • Large and heavy transport hook
  • Solid steel frame sunk into the base plate and welded
  • Oil tank integrated in the steel frame and specially welded
  • Oil sight glass on the oil tank
  • Clean filtration through return filter
  • Quick oil filter change
  • Oil drain valve for quick and easy hydraulic oil change
  • Powerful electric motor with a smooth running 1400 rpm
  • Pump bracket with coupling between electric motor and hydraulic pump
  • Switch-plug combination with phase inverter and motor protection
  • Protected vertical arrangement of the drive systems
  • Additional drive system (e.g. electric motor) can be retrofitted at any time
A robust and welded steel construction ensures maximum stability. All HMG wood splitters are powder-coated and go through a complex process (sandblasting, immersion baths, priming) before painting.
An effective and easy-to-use manual control enables simultaneous HOLDING and SPLITTING without having to fix the wood with an aid. With the left control lever, which is guided on a ball bearing, the wood can be held from above, regardless of whether it is knotty, crooked, thick or thin wood. The piece of wood can still be brought into the correct position by pushing it. The knife is controlled with the right control lever (position I at normal speed but with full power and in position II at maximum speed but with reduced power). As soon as the control lever is released, the knife automatically moves back into its position (you do not have to start moving back separately) and you can immediately take care of the next piece of wood.

A mechanical lifting device connected to the knife by a steel chain helps to set up heavy wood. If the knife is moved downwards, the lifting device is lowered with it and by pulling a lever the device can be stopped in any position, which makes it much easier to use wood. By gently pressing the control lever, the blockage is released and the knife moves up and sets the wood up. An adjustable lever can be used to decide whether the lifter should stop permanently and serve as a deposit, or whether it should pivot back down so that the next log can be set up. In the case of electrically powered log splitters, there is also an anti-tip device so that the device cannot tip over to the side when lifting a heavy log.
For even more performance, the stroke of the knife can be continuously limited, thereby avoiding unnecessary strokes. The required height and depth of the lifting range can be quickly set using simple screws.

After the splitting process, a sturdy bracket catches the split wood and, thanks to its design, even shorter pieces of wood cannot fall over. If the bracket should interfere with the wood assembly, it can simply be swiveled upwards. The massive, continuous bracket prevents the bracket from bending. For safe transport, the bracket is swiveled up and moved inwards into a system where it stays safely.
High-quality brass on the splitting knife are not only very stable and more resistant to high loads than plastic guides, but also have excellent sliding properties. In addition, they don’t wear out as quickly because the knife rail is made of special steel and not of coarse steel, such as a T-beam.
The 29cm long knife is made of special steel (Hardox) and shaped in such a way that the resistance decreases shortly after splitting, which ensures even more performance.

The cylinder can be lowered quickly, making it easier to transport. To do this, the knife is moved down against an end stop (no piece of wood has to be placed underneath), the cylinder fork is pulled out and the cylinder is lowered. In the lowered state, the cylinder is secured by a fixing ring and thus protected against beating back and forth during transport.
For a quieter hydraulic pump, a maintenance-friendly industrial pump is installed as standard in the HSP 17M, HSP 22M, HSP 27M and HSP 19ML series. In the HSP 11M and HSP 14M series – which are mainly used in the private sector with smaller tractors – a hydraulic pump with gear attachment is installed.
The smooth-running and powerful electric motor, which runs at only 1400 rpm, is equipped with a switch-plug combination, motor protection and phase inverter. A rubber coupling between the electric motor and the hydraulic pump protects the pump shaft from damage or leaks. A bellhousing keeps heat build-up between the engine and the hydraulic pump apart.
For the longevity of the hydraulic system, a very fine oil filter is built in, which filters the smallest dirt particles and thus avoids deposits that could later lead to damage. An oil and filter change can be carried out quickly and easily using a drain plug on the oil tank and by opening the cover on the filter housing.


An adjustable three-point suspension for CAT I and II and a large transport hook are standard, even with purely electrically powered devices. Two support feet at the rear of the machine prevent it from tipping backwards. If necessary, these can be exchanged for various available chassis variants.
The electric motor and PTO are installed in a vertical and narrow position, which protects against damage during transport in the forest.


Subsequent retrofitting of structural components is possible at any time due to the modular system (e.g. electric motor for PTO drive, cable winch HSW 500 and much more)
Wood splitter type HSP 11M-Z HSP 11M-D HSP 11M-ZD HSP 11M-T HSP 11M-B
PTO shaft (200-350 U/min) ja – – – ja – – – – – –
E-Motor kw (400 Volt S6 CEE 16A) – – – 4 4 – – – – – –
Tractorhydr. pump max. l/min. – – – – – – – – – 18 – – –
Power input kw 10 – – – 10 10 – – –
Petrol engine Briggs & Stratton kw – – – – – – – – – – – – 10,3
Splitting power t 11 11 11 11 11
Log length cm 111 111 111 111 111
Splitting stroke cm 100 100 100 100 100
Speed stage 1 cm/sec 15 7 15 / 7 13 11
Speed stage 2 cm/sec 30 13 30 / 13 22 34
Speed return cm/sec 31 14 31 / 14 26 20
Weight kg 286 296 311 271 309
Dimensions cm (L×W×H) 120×86×259 120×86×259 120×86×259 120×86×259 120×86×259
Order no 714 230* 714 231* 714 232 714 233 714 234

* Bestseller

The newspaper “MOTOR & MASCHINE” tested an HMG wood splitter HSP 13M-DZ (new model HSP 14M-ZD) in its 2/2020 issue and rated the device as “master class” with a grade of 1.3 “very good”. An excerpt of the assessment: “… the log splitter HSP 13 M-DZ from HMG convinced us with good workmanship and absolutely solid work performance …”
The newspaper “MOTOR & MASCHINE” tested an HMG log splitter HSP 18ML-DZ (new model HSP 19M-ZD) in its 3/2016 issue and rated the device as “master class” with a grade of 1.3 “very good”. An excerpt from the assessment: “… working with the HMG 18 ton wood splitter is just fun. The device works like the proverbial clockwork. The question of more power never arises – on the contrary, one is happy about … “
In the 6/2014 issue of the test magazine “Heimwerker Praxis”, the HMG wood splitter HSP 10M-DZ (new model HSP 11M-ZD) was recognized as “top class” and “that’s mechanical engineering as it should be”!
ZB100_HSP10M_Besto_16 The test magazine “Heimwerker Praxis” has awarded the HMG wood splitter HSP 10M-DZ (new model HSP 11M-ZD) as the best product in the “wood splitter” category!
HMG machines are designed and manufactured according to the principles of valid machine guidelines. Every machine is subjected to a functional check before delivery.