Accessories wood splitters 7-11t


Splitting cross for series HSP 7/9/11, splits the wood in one operation into four parts. Weight 4 kg. Order no. 710505

 ZHW16_Verbreiterung9t_71051 Riving broadening to Serie HSP 7/9/11 drives the gap well by the V-shape faster apart. Weight 4 kg. Order no. 710512

Industrial power cable with CEE plug and coupling 400V, 2.5mm, 16A, 5-core, IP44, H07RN-F, up to 12kw

Power cable 10m 400V Bestell-Nr. 589 110

Power cable 25m 400V Bestell-Nr. 589 118

 ZHW16_Gelenwelle966_675045 PTO shaft 766, BG 2, adjustable length from 766 mm to 989 mm, can be adjusted by shortening. Weight 7,1 kg. Order no. 675040
 ZHW16_Gelenwelle766_675040 PTO shaft 966, BG 2, adjustable length from 966 mm to 1283 mm, can be adjusted by shortening. Weight 8.3 kg. Order no. 675045
Wheel rigid with 1 plastic wheel for easy transport. Suitable for series HSP 7/9/11, weight 5.6 kg. Order no. 719 430
ZHW16_Stützrad9t_710610 Wheel steerable with 1 pneumatic wheel on steel rim for easy transport. Suitable for HSP 7/9/11 series, weight 10.6 kg. Order no. 719 435

Quality Sappie HS 380 with ash handle 38 cm. For ergonomic, back-friendly moving and picking up a few small logs and wood pieces. Weight 0,9 kg. Order no. 710770


Quality all-steel hatchet SB 350, forged, 35 cm length, with waist bag. Practical attendant during splitting, as Residual fibers sever. Weight 0,9 kg. Order no. 710773


Sappie belt holder for Sappie HS 380, with snap closure. Weight 0.2 kg. Order no. 710775

 ZHW16_Dreipunkt9t_H71805 Three-point hitch for series HSP 7/9/11 as a retrofit kit for transporting a tractor. Weight 8.5 kg. Order no. H 71805

Operating hours counter for PTO connection in a robust housing. Display change between PTO speed and hours of operation possible. Weight 0,9 kg. Order no. 200460




Operating hours counter for electric motor in a robust housing. Weight 0.3 kg. Order no. 200459

 ZHW16_HMGÖl_710620_710621 HMG-hydraulic oil. Special oil for all HMG wood splitter. Detergency end oil for more gap power.

  • 5 liter canister. Weight 6 kg. Order no. 710620
  • 20 liter canister. Weight 21 kg. Order No. 710621

Oil filter (integrated resin paper-wire filter) for return filter element series HSP 7/9/11. Order no. 200260





HMG-Grease 500ml for long-term lubrication of all moving parts, such as Lifting, controls, etc .. Order no. 710629