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The magazine "MOTOR & MASCHINE" in its issue 3/2016 tested a HMG wood splitter HSP 18ML-DZ and "very good" the device as a "master class" with a grade of 1.3. An excerpt of the judgment: "... makes working with the HMG 18 tonnes log splitter only fun. The device works like the proverbial clockwork. The question of more power comes on at any time - on the contrary pleased about ..... "

Since April 2016, the log splitter production series HSP 7K, HSP 8K, HSP 10K, HSP 8F and HSP 10F changed and replaced by a new advanced line HSP 7, HSP 9 and HSP 11!

Michael Hess and Walter Röhrl talking on firewood preparation

The trade magazine "Handyman practice" has a HMG saw "WSK 7-5" rated in its edition 6/2015 as "upper class" and with a mark of 1.4, "A great machine, with cutting firewood is for the fun factor. Here each euro well spent ... ".

Los - come! The magazine "Quad World" in its issue 5/2015 tested the HMG wood splitter with trailers HSP 16M-BA80 and confirmed its "TOP" quality.

The test magazine "Handyman practice" has the HMG wood splitter HSP 10M-DZ named the best product in the category "Wood chippers"!