Rope winches HSW 500


Hydraulic winch HSW 500 meters for wood splitter

Traction with system! The hydraulic HMG-winch HSW 500 can easily pass through its strong pulling power of 500 kg meters wood to wood splitters and bring in gap position. An integrated steel cable up to 25m can be rolled and thus accessible even for distant logs. The special cable (with a high load capacity up to 2t) is optimally guided through a draw-in or out roller and two lateral movable guide rollers. The operation is done via a simple mechanical lever which is only fixed to the cable extension, or a convenient remote control. As “winch HSW 500 solo”, the machine also any additional valves (flow-control and pressure handoff) is equipped with its own hydraulic motor, control valve and lateral supporting plate. In the variant “winch HSW 500 mounted” are included installation of an HMG new device, standard , The winch can be anytime -also retrofitted to older equipment.

  • Robust, heavy, compact design
  • 3-hole mounting with beveled outer panel and gap pipes for high stability
  • Side Gusset for additional reinforcement
  • Movable side guide rollers, for optimal cable management
  • Soft start with simple mechanics
  • Fixing the control lever for easy pull the steel cable
  • Hook for fixing the steel cord
Winch “HSW 500 mon” mounted on a HMG wood splitter. An installation on a third-party product is also possible eventually!
Rope winches type HSW 500 solo HSW 500 with hoses and couplings HSW 500 mon HSW 500 with current valve
Traction kg 500 500 500 500
Rope (6mm) m 25 25 25 25
Speed m/sec. 0 – 0,6 0 – 0,6 0 – 0,6 0 – 0,6
Weight kg 47 49 49 48
Art.-No. 710585 710586 710588 710589
ZB_HSP-Sicherh_165 HMG machines are designed and manufactured according to principles valid machine guidelines. each machine a functional check is subjected to prior to delivery.